Managing a building requires ensuring that all the services and facilities are functioning appropriately. The escalator or lift in your site/building must work correctly and efficiently at all times.

Green Elevator Services provide reliable and professional lift service and maintenance contracts to ensure the lifts at your site/building operate efficiently. Our lift repair experts will work at your site without causing any disruption.

Our superior lift repairs and maintenance services are carried out by trained engineers with years of experience. Whether you want to keep your lift/escalator in top form or are in need of emergency lift repair services in Cardiff, we have you covered. Our services are also offered in South Wales, Mid Wales, South East England and South West England.

Lift Breakdown Callout

With our lift breakdown callout service, we offer a rapid response time for all kinds of lift breakdowns around the clock. Our lift repair engineers can fix all kinds of lift problems and will get it right the first time to help reduce your repair costs. Simply give us a call and ask for our lift breakdown service, and our team will visit your premises in no time.

Our lift repair company works with all kinds of lifts and escalators. We stock a wide range of replacement parts for a variety of brands to have your lift operational in no time.

Lift Maintenance Service

A regular preventative maintenance schedule can ensure that your lift is operating at its peak efficiency at all times. What’s more, regular maintenance increases the life expectancy of your lift. As part of our services, our lift maintenance technicians will:

  • Oil and lubricate moving parts as necessary
  • Completely clean the shaft
  • Carry out minor adjustments
  • Replace parts
  • Test equipment if necessary
  • Provide a report outlining the condition of your lift/escalator
  • Provide recommendations as necessary